Thursday, January 20, 2011

And it's only Thursday...

Well today was nothing out of the usual, Kyleigh (our 3 year old) is sick, she has been sick for the past two days (poor baby). Ali (our 15 month old) is still being a monkey, she has this obsession with climbing all over EVERYTHING, from Haleys' (our 7 year old) bunk beds to the on top of the coffee table, Haleys bunkbeds aren't the normal bunkbeds either, they are solid wood with a set of stairs with built in drawers that leads to the top bunk. Anyways she loves to climb all the way to the top bunk and she will just sit there and laugh, the other day she fell (not off the bed) on her way up (she didn't get her leg up on the first stair right), she fell and gave herself a fat lip =(. Well even after that she STILL insists on climbing up the stairs LOL. She's our pint sized monkey.   I still have a basket of clean clothes waiting to be folded and put away (I know i'm not the only one), and I think that I am starting to get sick =(, but of course no one takes care of Mommy when she's sick. Haley has got all A's in school (yes I am very proud and I will brag). Well when Haley gets home from school and the hubby gets home from work, it's like the quietness (well somewhat quiet) disappears, the girls start fighting, and hubby starts whining. It don't matter what it is, but he will find a reason to gripe and whine about it.

OH and the icing on todays' cake....drum roll please......My wonderful freaking mother-in-law is going with us to Ruidoso, NM on our Valentines' weekend getaway. Why is she going one might ask, well anytime anyone in the family goes anywhere (whether it's to go eat or to go out of town) she manages to worm her way into going. So I will most definitely be taking my laptop with me (so I can vent to you all about how wonderful the trip is going). Yet no one tells her no? But not only is she gracing us with her presence while on our wonderful vacay, but she is also staying the same cabin that we are staying in (just freaking great huh?) I am really really dreading this trip now. Maybe I will get sick and can manage begging and pleading with the hubby and he will take the girls AND his mother (then it will be just me and the dogs).  Well that is how my day went and the best part, is it's not even over yet. Now I am going to drown my sorrows in a BIG bottle of wine...hmmm wonder what tomorrow will bring??

Monday, January 17, 2011

Valentines Dilemma..HELP

Ok so Valentines Day is right around the corner and my wonderful husband has decided to rent out the cabin that we stayed in when we got married (in Ruidoso, NM). I LOVE the idea, even though we have to take the girls with us(really it's not a big deal). The problem I am having is that I seriously have no clue what to get him. Yes I asked and of course as always he said that he didn't want anything (which I think he's just full of it). So I am taking ANY suggestions, ideas or even donations hahaha =) and it's ok, he don't read so i'm pretty sure he won't see this haha. I have no idea why I am lost on this idea, I usually know the perfect gift, but I think that I am losing my touch. HELP

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I survived 2010

Well it's now 2011 and 2010 is gone. I never would have thought that I would have a year like the one that I have just had. I actually got to FINALLY have the wedding that Mark and I have been planning for almost 2 years, our youngest daughter turned 1, our oldest graduated kindergarten and our now 3 year old FINALLY decided that the potty wasn't as scary as it seems. I can not believe after everything that has went on I actually made it out with only a few minor bruises and bite marks. On New Years Eve we did the same thing that we have done now for 7 years, stay at home and watch the ball drop with the girls(so exciting, but I wouldn't have it any other way). I really don't do resolutions, so don't ask me what mine is. I'm not going to SAY that I will lose weight, when in fact i would be screwed by Jan 2nd. I am not going to say that I will be a better person, because  I personally think that I am just fine. To be honest I am hoping that 2011 brings more memories for our family(and hopefully brings us further away from my in-laws)...BRING IT ON 2011!!(and no i'm not asking for another Bring it On movie)
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MOM!!! MAMA!!!! MOMMY!!!!- WHAT!?!?!?!

Ok so for the past 2 nights I probably have got a total of 6 hours of sleep(which equals for a very bitchy mommy). I feel slightly bad for the hubby and the girls for having to put up with me but yet at the same time I think that they do stuff to piss me off on purpose. I have loads of laundry that need done, a house that needs cleaned and a 3 year old & 1 year old that can't stop saying my name, and yet everytime I answer it's always something like "I love you", which doesn't bother me until the hundredth time i've heard it. Then there is the dogs, even though they're outside, they are barking and barking and at what? NOTHING! Which rattles my nerves even more. Well guess I better get back to my insanity(the babies don't like to nap long). UGH
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