Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A little rant by me...Please enjoy

Ok well I guess that I should just come out & say it, We are currently living with my mother in law.  We had our own place but the owners sold it right out from under us(which is a whole different post).  Let me start off by saying that this isn't the easiest or best situation but hey it's better then nothing (somedays). 

Let me paint a pretty picture of my mother in law for you.  She hangs over me everytime I cook, she constantly tells me that i'm doing something wrong with my kids,  oh & also manages to let me know that I can't go to school & that I don't need to be a stay at home mom. 

I recently mentioned to my husband that I wanted to go back to school & of course she says that I can't do it. Then today I mentioned that I got an offer to review books(which I do read alot), she manages to of course throw in her opinion that I can't review books. 

Oh my gosh PLEASE tell me that I am not alone when it comes to having a monster in law?  I honestly think we should start a support group. HELP

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  1. oh how i feel you! I only read the "pretty picture" paragraph at first..we were staying with MIL in between closings - the longest 2 and a half weeks of my life. Apparently I can't even put stuff away right in my own kitchen, she pretends she's lost every time she's here. I have the same nickname for her too - p.s. if you worked and were a master chef, you'd be criticized for working and probably cooking too much, there's always some guilt trip. How long will your living situation last? Totally gonna be back for the stories...What night is the support group? Hi my name is Amy and I have a monster-in-law...