Thursday, June 2, 2011

Haley's Heart (part 1)

As many of you know(well those of you that watch the news) there was a devastating F5 tornado that hit my hometown and our oldest daughters birthplace of Joplin, Missouri on Sunday May 22.
That Sunday will forever remain in my mind. As my family and I watched the devastation unfold on the news and social networks from Lubbock, TX, My thoughts went to worrying about my many friends and family up there. For a few hours I could not get hold of hardly anyone, my heart was honestly in the pit of my stomach. We did finally find out that everyone was okay. But the town however was not.
That same night that almost 200 lost their lives, almost 10,000 cars destroyed and almost an entire city of businesses and homes flattened to foundation, My daughter Haley Walker went to her closet and started taking out her own clothes.
She filled up a trashbag and said that she wanted to give them and some toys to some little girl in Joplin who needed them now more then she did, then of course it went from her cleaning out her closet to me cleaning out everyone else’s in the house. Then it spread to friends and family, Then the next thing I knew all three of our local news stations contacted me to speak with Haley.
That Monday night on the 6 & 10 o’clock news Haley’s story aired. Then Tuesday morning my phone started ringing like crazy with people wanting to donate whatever they could.
Then one man called with some very unexpected news, he owned a trucking company and wanted to donate a 53ft trailer and the time and gas to get it to Joplin. With tears streaming down my face I called every business that I could to try and find a spot to place this semi. When I finally found a spot, thedonations came in. It took only 3 days to fill that semi then we needed a second one, then after that A BUS!!

On Sunday morning, exactly one week after the horrible devastation hit we were on our way to Missouri, with 3 cars full of volunteers and 2 semis and a bus full of donations.

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